Cross listing

Cross listing is the ability to join two or more class groups of a module together to share content and enrolments. This concept allows two or more disparate class groups to be listed as one and the same. The common use case on campus is that two different class groups are taught in the same place at the same time by the same instructor.

For more information on Cross-Listing, please CLICK HERE

If you require sections to be crosslisted, please fill in the following form:

Each submission below will create an individual IT support ticket which can be tracked on Incorrect formatting of module codes / CRNs may result in delays or your submission being rejected.

Cross Listing Request (Semester 2 ONLY)

This form is used to combine your CRNs into one section. Please use one request form for each group of classes in semester 2 (February 2015 - June 2015).
  • Cross Listing Details

    Please provide complete section information. Use one form for each group of classes you wish to combine. PLEASE DO NOT USE COMMAS IN THE FIELDS BELOW
  • The following link gives you access to Web for Faculty to ascertain the module code and associated CRN.Click here to go to Web For Faculty

    This information is available under Faculty Class List

    For example:
    MODULE NAME: Strategic IT Management
    : COMP8031
    CRN: 15753


  • e.g. COMP1234 - No spaces or commas etc
  • Please enter first CRN Code
  • e.g. ITS1 / COM1
  • Please enter second CRN code
  • e.g. DNET1 / ELX2
  • Please enter third CRN code (if necessary)
  • e.g. PR1 / MM1
  • Please enter fourth CRN code (if necessary)
  • e.g. DLX2 / MM4
  • Please enter fifth CRN code (if necessary)
  • e.g. DNET3 / COM2